Freshly grated cheese and powdered cheeses

Cheese Sprinkles Classic


Cheese Sprinkles Classic is a powdered cheese that consists of a mix of different types of cheese.


Cheese Sprinkles BBQ

250More and more dishes with vegetables are being prepared on the BBQ.

Cheese Sprinkles Yummy


Cheese Sprinkles made of specially selected cheese types with an accessible mild taste.

Italian style Flakes


Italian style Flakes are cheese flakes made from hard, sweet cheese.


For consumers


We produce a wide range of fresh and long-life cheese products for consumers. They are available from various Dutch supermarket chains.


Our powdered cheeses are ideal for use as flavouring on pasta, pizza, or in soups and sauces.


Our Italian style Goat Flakes are fresh, tasty flakes that are used to flavour pizzas, salads and all kinds of Italian dishes.


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