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Grozette's pioneering years took place in Nieuwerbrug, a town near Woerden in the Central Netherlands.

In 1963, Mr. van Zijl and Mr. Groot laid the first foundations of what would later become a global cheese manufacturer.

The name Grozette is derived from both founders, namely De Groot and Van Zijl (Grozette).

In 1973, work began on the construction of the current facility in Woerden.

During its early years, Grozette produced grated cheese and cheese biscuits.

After 1973, the company began to specialise in grating and drying cheese.

Grozette currently has around 100 employees.
The company supplies grated and powdered cheese for the retail, catering and industrial sectors in around 30 countries.


General information on Grozette

Since 1963, Grozette B.V. has been producing a range of cheese products

for the food industry, retail sector and food service.

Our product range includes fresh and long-life powdered cheese and grated cheese.

In addition to the Grozette brand, we also produce products under a private label.

Grozette exports products to over 30 countries.

Innovation and development form an essential part of our corporate strategy.



Grozette has established a strong reputation as a reliable and flexible

partner for the production of cheese products of a consistently high quality.

To guarantee that we meet the highest quality requirements,

we work in accordance with the HACCP method. Grozette is also FSSC 22000 certified.

Grozette also has SKAL certification for processing organic products.

Additionally, Grozette participates voluntarily in a control system for grated cheese,

and has 'grated cheese' certification.




Ewald Bontje, director



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